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Dear colleagues and students,

Dr. Long, from USGS, will be visiting EOAS today and tomorrow. His research focuses on the role that winds, waves, and circulation have on transforming the beach under seasonal, long-term, and extreme events. He will be giving a seminar at 9:45- 10:45am at 353 LOVE building on Tuesday the 27th February. Details about his presentation and background can be found below.

Title:  "Bye Bye Bermie":  Investigating interactions between a sand-starved barrier island and an artificial berm
Short description: From 2010-2011, a 15-kilometer long, 2-meter high sand berm was constructed along Chandeleur Island, Louisiana, with the intent of providing coastal and estuarine protection against the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and to provide sediment to the disintegrating and fragmented island.  Four berm-island configurations resulted from the construction due to variations in placement of the berm material relative to the island:  1) berm on a submerged island platform, 2) berm seaward of the island, 3) berm on the subaerial island, and 4) island where no berm was constructed.  In order to document the morphologic evolution of the berm caused by storms and longer-term processes and to assess berm-island interactions, we analyzed time series of satellite images, topographic/bathymetric surveys, oceanographic measurements, and numerical model results.  Results indicate that the berm provides only ephemeral protection from typical winter and tropical storms and it is unclear whether the berm sediment has affected the longer-term evolution of the barrier island.

More information about Joseph Long - https://www.usgs.gov/staff-profiles/joseph-long?qt-staff_profile_science_products=3#qt-staff_profile_science_products

Mariana Fuentes
"Live the life that you have imagined"
Dr. Mariana Fuentes
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Marine Turtle Research, Ecology and Conservation Group
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Florida State University
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