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Please come at 4:00p this afternoon to the Ecology & Evolution Seminar in King rm.1024 to hear our colleague Ian MacDonald in the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science speak on his exciting new discoveries:

The Asphalt Ecosystem of the Southern Gulf of Mexico

"Asphalt Ecosystem" describes the living and non-living components found where heavy hydrocarbons form extensive pavements and massifs in the deep ocean.  The first example was discovered at a site dubbed Chapopote--the Aztec word for tar--during joint German-Mexican-US expedition to the southern Gulf of Mexico in 2003.  In 2015, scientists returned to the region to conduct extensive surveys and sampling with autonomous and remotely operated submersibles.  Their findings, still being analysed, demonstrate novel relationships between chemosynthetic life, asphalt volcanism, and gas hydrates in a region that is presently targeted for future oil and gas production.
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