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Meteorology Seminar

Kelly Graham

M.S. Meteorology Candidate

Title:  "Arctic CO2 in a changing climate: constraints on fluxes and transport from remote sensing, in situ measurements, and modeling"

Major Professor:  Dr. Christopher Holmes

Date: Monday, December 3rd              Time: 1:30 PM

Location: Werner A. Baum Seminar Room (353 Love Building)
(Please join us for refreshments served outside room 353 Love @ 1:00 PM)


The Arctic is undergoing drastic change due to warming and rapid loss of sea ice, both of which affect biogeochemical cycles. It is unclear if or how these changes will alter the air-sea CO2 fluxes. At the same time, the current global CO2 monitoring system has low sensitivity over the Arctic Ocean. Arctic surface measurements are almost all over land and a very small fraction of satellite measurements have high-quality in the Arctic due to frequent cloud cover and other issues. To address these observing challenges, the O-Buoy network monitored CO2 concentrations over the Arctic sea ice year-round from 2009-2016, providing a new dataset for understanding air-sea exchange of CO2. We show that CO2 concentrations simulated at the O-Buoy locations by the GEOS-Chem global atmospheric transport model have discrepancies that could be due to unresolved air-sea exchange or long-range transport. To discriminate between these possibilities, we are working to optimize surface fluxes using 4D-variational data assimilation in GEOS-Chem.

Shel McGuire
Florida State University
Academic Program Specialist
Department of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Science
1017 Academic Way, 410 Love Building (Meteorology)
Tallahassee, FL 32306

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