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Quick reminder that we'll be having a guest speaker today for seminar.

*Where/When:* 12:15 in OSB327

*Who*: Laura Whitmore (University of Southern Mississippi)

*Topic*: Applications of Ba, Ga, V, and CH4 as process and source tracers
in the Arctic Ocean

*Full Abstract:*
The Arctic Ocean is a nexus in the global oceanic overturning meridional
which is integral to global heat transport and the CO 2 balance, and is
therefore a key
player in global climate. Understanding the sources of waters to the Arctic
Ocean, the
circulation within the basins, and the subsequent flow out of the Arctic is
critical to
assessing how climate change may impact global ocean processes. Trace
distributions can be useful in determining the influence various inputs and
have had on the resulting water column. In this talk I’ll describe the ways
we can apply
trace element and trace gas distributions of Ba, Ga, V, and CH 4 to
investigate Arctic
Ocean processes such as the distribution of river water, the circulation of
waters, and the influence of the shelves on the geochemical composition of
Preliminary results from the 2015 US GEOTRACES Arctic Section indicate that
Ga can
be used in place of nitrate-phosphate relationships to deconvolve Atlantic
and Pacific
water sources, as suggested by McAlister and Orians (2015). Ba, often used
as a river
water tracer in the Arctic, has a unique signature in the Pacific
halocline. And, V and
CH 4 results suggest that exchange between shelf sediments and the
overlying water
column has a substantial role in defining basin geochemistry.

Hope to see you all there!

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