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How do clouds affect atmospheric dynamics and prediction?
Dr. Jeff Chagnon

The pioneers of atmospheric science --- Rossby, Richardson, Charney, Eady, Bjerknes, among others --- all sought a basic understanding of atmospheric phenomena that also informed better methods of prediction. In the modern age of numerical weather prediction and remote sensing, our capacity to observe and predict phenomena has outpaced our basic understanding of those phenomena. This talk will highlight one particular area in which the gap between understanding and prediction/observation remains wide: namely, the influence of moist diabatic processes on atmospheric flow across all scales of motion. From the standpoint of prediction, diabatic processes are mainly parameterized in models and their representation is thus subject to large uncertainties. From the standpoint of understanding, the theoretical foundations of atmospheric dynamics (e.g., the Eady and Charney models of baroclinic instability, the Lilly and Davies-Jones models of supercell rotation) are mainly based on dry dynamics. What progress is being made towards improving our understanding of the link between moist diabatic processes and atmospheric flow? In what ways can better understanding lead to better prediction?


Paige Phillips

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