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Meteorology Seminar
Enoch Jo
M.S. Meteorology Candidate

Title:  “The Influence of Helicity on Regulating Diabatic Potential Vorticity in Isolated Convective Storms”

Major Professor:  Dr. Jeff Chagnon
Date:   Monday, July 10th                  Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Werner A. Baum Seminar Room (353 Love Building)
(Please join us for refreshments served outside room 353 Love @ 3:00 PM)


The effects of helicity and diabatic heating on the structure of potential vorticity (PV) in a supercell thunderstorm is examined through simple theoretical analysis using the linearized form of the Boussinesq system of equations and using sensitivity experiments in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. The linear analysis shows that in the presence of helicity, a region of diabatic heating will favor one PV pole, resulting in storm rotation. In an environment with no helicity, a PV dipole will straddle the region of diabatic heating. The amplitude of the diabatically generated PV is regulated by the ratio H/U2 where H is the helicity and U is the component of wind directed parallel to the background horizontal vorticity. This analysis of PV informs the design of five different idealized WRF experiments which demonstrate the role of helicity and latent heating in storm organization under differing environmental wind conditions. The WRF sensitivity tests confirm that a larger (smaller) H/U2 results in more (less) storm rotation. This thesis offers a new perspective on the origin of storm scale rotation in convective environments and highlights the role of cloud microphysical processes and latent heating in storm rotation.

Paige Phillips

Academic Program Specialist - Meteorology  I  Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Science (EOAS)  I  Florida State University  I  410 Love Building  I  1017 Academic Way, Tallahassee, Florida 32306  I  (850) 644-8582  I  www.eoas.fsu.edu
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