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> *GFDI Student Seminar*
> Hi GDF fellows! It's time for our next GFDI Student Seminar.
> Presenter: * Leah Rumancik*
> Topic: *Ocean Circulation via Bayesian Inversion and Markov Chain Monte
> Carlo *
> Place:* Melvin Stern Seminar Room, #18 Keen Bldg*
> Date: *Tuesday April 4th at 1:00 p.m.*
> Abstract:
> Recently, statistical models have become more prevalent in physical
> problems for their ability to incorporate a quantitative measure of
> uncertainty and to minimize the preprocessing and interpolation stage
> commonly associated with popular techniques. This presentation introduces
> how to construct a statistical circulation model around physical
> oceanography constraints. We start with basic physical properties and known
> tracer values to set up and parameterize an advection-diffusion equation.
> Unknown parameters in the equation are determined using a Bayesian
> inversion framework with an incorporated Markov chain Monte Carlo
> simulation. Here, we focus on finding the flow of a neutral density layer
> in the South Atlantic and demonstrate the potential of statistical models
> as a tool for a variety of oceanography problems.
> Refreshments will be provided.
> *P.S. If you are willing to present at one of our seminars do not hesitate
> to contact me. Feel free to invite other students interested.*
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> Roger B. Pacheco Castro
> Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute
> Florida State University
> *Go Noles!*
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