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Meteorology Seminar

William Watson
M.S. Meteorology Candidate


Major Professor:  Dr. Peter Ray

Date: Friday, December 9th                  Time: 9:30AM

Location: Werner A. Baum Seminar Room (353 Love Building)
(Please join us for refreshments served outside room 353 Love @ 9:00AM)


Fog is one of the most common and recognizable weather phenomena on Earth, but it is also one of the most difficult to reliably forecast.  Recent traffic incidents caused by dense fog in Florida have fostered a desire to seek ways to improve fog forecasting.  Some studies have suggested that soil moisture may play some role in fog formation.  Further, rainfall has been shown to have a relationship with soil moisture, and data for both are freely available.  This study will examine the relationship between them using observations from a regional observation network and develop an algorithm to attempt to predict soil moisture in the area covered by the network with a resolution of only a few kilometers.  The algorithm could then be used to predict soil moisture in other locations such as Florida, where soil moisture observations are scarce.  The results of the predictive algorithm are presented here in two different formats: line plots of soil moisture and rainfall over time and maps that show the spatial distribution of the predicted soil moisture.  The results show promise, but any improvements would have to be applied to the algorithm due to the lack of reliable observations for calibration in Florida.  Future work would include comparing fog observations from ASOS/AWOS stations in Florida to a mathematically improved predictive algorithm.

Paige Phillips

Academic Program Specialist - Meteorology  I  Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Science (EOAS)  I  Florida State University  I  410 Love Building  I  1017 Academic Way, Tallahassee, Florida 32306  I  (850) 644-8582  I  www.eoas.fsu.edu
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