[Eoas-seminar] Today @3:30, gfdi student seminar: "North Atlantic Vorticity Budget and the Gulf Stream" - Joe Schoonover

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Thu May 21 06:50:11 EDT 2015

We will have a gfdi student seminar Today at 3:30pm n the Melvin Stern 
Seminar Room, 018 Keen Building <http://gfdi.fsu.edu/location>.  The 
gfdi student seminars discuss topics in fluid dynamics and its 
applications ranging from mathematics, meteorology, oceanography, the 
Earth sciences, engineering, and astrophysics.

Joe Schoonover - "*North Atlantic Vorticity Budget and the Gulf Stream*"
The Gulf Stream separation is a notoriously difficult feature to 
accurately simulate in general circulation models. The Community Earth 
System Model suffers from sea-surface temperature biases upwards of 7 
degC due to the unphysical northward separation of the modelled Gulf 
Stream. Results from an intermodel comparison study are presented which 
motivate the hypothesis that the Gulf Stream separation relies on local 
dynamics as opposed to global vorticity and mass balance constraints. 
Models which produce a more northerly separation are shown to exhibit 
more viscous local vorticity balances. Of the local mechanisms suggested 
in oceanographic literature, it is argued that the steepening of the 
continental shelf in the vicinity of Cape Hatteras plays a pivotal role 
in the Gulf Stream separation.

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