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Wed May 13 11:29:29 EDT 2015

The second meeting of the gfdi student seminar is Friday, May 15, 2015 
at 3:30pm in the Melvin Stern Seminar Room, 018 Keen Building 
(http://gfdi.fsu.edu/location). The gfdi student seminars discuss topics 
in fluid dynamics and its applications ranging from mathematics, 
meteorology, oceanography, the Earth sciences, engineering, and 

Joe Schoonover - “*Spectral Element Methods in GFD*”
This introductory-level talk will describe what it means for a numerical 
method to be called a "Spectral Element Method". A characterization of 
existing spectral and spectral element methods will be reviewed, and a 
general approach will be outlined for deriving a spectral element method.

The Organizers

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