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Thu May 7 06:53:41 EDT 2015

The first meeting of the gfdi student seminar is Today, Thursday May 7, 
2015 at 3:30pm in the Melvin Stern Seminar Room, 018 Keen Building 
(http://gfdi.fsu.edu/location). The gfdi student seminars discuss topics 
in fluid dynamics and its applications ranging from mathematics, 
meteorology, oceanography, the Earth sciences, engineering, and 

There will be *free pizza* for students who RSVP 
<https://www.facebook.com/events/1607084386245399/> :)
While we have pizza, we’ll chart out a schedule for the summer, and 
discuss ideas for a new gfdi logo 
<http://gfdi.fsu.edu/%7Ecsmith/gfdilogo/>. Afterward we will have the talk:

This introductory-level talk will discuss the Coriolis Effect, its 
various interpretations, misconceptions, non-standard derivations and 
applications, and its four century long history of conflict between 
mathematics and common sense.

In addition, this summer we will be scheduling a few mini-classes of 2-3 
talks each.  These will be full introductions to a topic accessible to 
interested grad students from a broader field.
If you would like to present, but can’t make it to the meeting, email us 
and let us know. Past presentations and a preliminary schedule can be 
found here: http://gfdi.fsu.edu/Seminar/

The Organizers
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