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Mainak Mookherjee a candidate for the faculty position in geophysics will be on campus Wed. and Thurs. Feb. 4&5. 

He will give a lecture at 3:30 PM, Feb.4, in room 1005 CSL 

The Deep Hydrosphere : atomistic to global 
Mainak Mookherjee 
Cornell University 

The Earth is a unique planet because it’s surficial conditions are appropriate for sustaining life. A key ingredient that makes the planet habitable is the availability of water on the surface. Therefore, as Geoscientists, it is incumbent on us to investigate and better understand the central role that water plays in sustaining the geological activity in the planet and exploring how the Solid Earth plays an important role in sustaining the surface water over the Earth’s history. To start, we need to have a better understanding of how much water is transported and stored in the solid Earth. It is equally important to understand how the water is distributed among the various solid Earth reservoirs. 

I have been addressing these critical questions through an in- depth investigation of Earth materials at atomistic scale. I have been exploring how volatiles such as water and carbon dioxide affect the physical properties of Earth materials. By comparing these properties with geological observables, I have been trying to constrain the volatile reservoirs in the deep Earth. 

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