[Discipuli] Classics Job Talks

Sickinger, James jsicking at fsu.edu
Thu Jan 28 06:15:33 EST 2016

Dear Classics Majors,

The Classics department will have two more job candidates on campus on Friday and Monday, and we would welcome your feedback on their lecturing style and skills.

The first candidate is Dr. Simon Oswald, a PhD student at Princeton. He  will give a lecture on “Writing and Literacy in 8th Century Greece,” on Friday, Jan 29, 9:05-9:55, in Dodd Hall Auditorium (DHA 103).

The second candidate is Dr. Zoe Stamatopoulou (PhD Virginia) of Penn State. She will give lecture on “Hesiod’s Theogony and the Origins of the World," on Monday, Feb 1, 9:05-9:55, in Dodd Hall Auditorium (DHA 103).

We ask that undergraduates who attend fill out a brief evaluation after the lecture. This is a chance for students to offer real input on the hiring of a future faculty member.  

Coffee and donuts will be served after the lecture. Hope to see you there!

Dr Sickinger

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