[Discipuli] Classics / Eta Sigma Phi Activities!

Sickinger, James jsicking at fsu.edu
Fri Jan 15 15:48:55 EST 2016

Salvete discipuli,

Drop by Dodd Hall Landing, Tuesday, January 19, from 10:00 a.m. (until around noon) for donuts and information about Eta Sigma Phi, the Classics Honor Society, and Classics events we're planning this semester:

*"Ides of March" / Caesar's Funeral
*Trip to the Parthenon in Tennessee (http://www.nashville.gov/Parks-and-Recreation/Parthenon.aspx)
*End-of-year Greek & Roman cooking

Whether you are in Eta Sigma Phi or not, I hope you'll be able to join us for some of these and other events. You are welcome to contact me (jhclark at fsu.edu) with any questions. Valete,

Prof. Clark

Jessica H. Clark
Assistant Professor of Classics
Florida State University
205A Dodd Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1510

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