[Discipuli] Classics Lecture Today

Sickinger, James jsicking at fsu.edu
Mon Feb 1 06:42:51 EST 2016

Dear Classics Majors,

This email is a last-minute reminder that the third candidate, Dr. Zoe Stamatopoulou (PhD Virginia) of Penn State,  for a Classics faculty position in Greek poetry will be visiting FSU today.

She will give lecture on “Hesiod’s Theogony and the Origins of the World," this morning, Monday, Feb 1, 9:05-9:55, in Dodd Hall Auditorium (DHA 103).

Undergraduates are encouraged to attend, and to provide feedback on the lecture. This is a chance for students to offer real input on the hiring of a future faculty member.

Coffee and donuts will be served after the lecture. Hope to see you there!

Dr Sickinger
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