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Greetings, majors:

I am excited to bring to your attention a fantastic new course, taught by one of our best teachers and a lead authority in ancient historiography. Professor Marincola will be teaching HUM2937 Defining Moments and Identities: >From the Persian Wars to September 11th, TuTh 1:00pm-2:15pm in Dodd 205I. Although it is listed as an honors course, this course is open to ALL STUDENTS.

Check out the description. If I could take this, I would:

HUM2937   Defining Moments and Identities: From the Persian Wars to September 11th
This course offers a comparison of the ways in which societies respond to defining, and sometimes traumatic, events in their histories. Using the Persian Wars of the 5th c. BCE – in which a small and often disunited group of Greeks successfully fought off the invasions of the powerful Persian Empire – and the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 as the major touchstones for our investigations, we shall look at some of the important ways in which societies remember, memorialize, and try to come to grips with major events in their histories.  These occurrences are both literally epoch-making for their respective societies, and both are represented in a wide variety of artistic and cultural media. Our main topics of focus will therefore be formal literary texts and monuments, but also the contemporary debates surrounding how “best” to construct memorials to remember the victims and events of 9/11. We shall employ historical methodologies on collective memory by Maurice Halbwachs, on constructed history by H.-J. Gehrke, and on places of memory (lieux de mémoire) by Pierre Nora.

This is the kind of course that I would rearrange my schedule to take, a special opportunity. Register for it!

Very best,

Dr. Trevor Luke
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Classics
Florida State University
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