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Asturizaga Hurtado D, Vivianne via07 at fsu.edu
Tue Sep 27 01:10:27 EDT 2016

Dear COGS representatives,

First of all, thank you for representing the graduate students at FSU, and welcome to the COGS family 2016-2017. I am very excited by the amazing service we can do to our community, and look forward to seeing what is to come.

In order to follow the visibility campaign we are launching, I ask you to take some time; please read and follow the directions below:

1. E-mail your department/colleges/grad students listserv/copy your academic dean THIS WEEK. See suggested message example at the end of this message with important reminders of the week.

  *   Goal: Introduce yourselves to your graduate students constituency
  *   Copy me so I can keep a list of contact info (and create our own list)
  *   If you do not have access to your department/college listserv, contact your dean and send the message (some schools do this, and they forward the info to the people)
2. Social Media

  *   Like our Facebook page and post it on your profiles


Document what you see around FSU, and post it on Facebook.

  *   Follow us on our tweet meets


3. Know your rep initiative:
Send info ASAP to: Emily Allen – erallen at fsu.edu
Send photo, bio, campus involvement (any organizations, committees), hobbies, favorite FSU campus location, plus names of faculty that made a difference in your academic life)

4. If interested in being a part of the leadership-role-listserv (information of roles, opportunities, etc.) fill the form:

5. If you are interested in Business cards, we can print some for you, fill the doc below:

6. Bring COGS polos next meeting, or business attire with the pin. Be ready to be in a picture or video.

7. Represent: Wear your pin, polo, once in a while, specially in FSU events, and talk about FSU/COGS to people, you will be amazed on the conversations and ideas/comments/positive feedback/concerns you will hear.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting me,

Vivianne Asturizaga

Vivianne Asturizaga
MM Flute Performance
MA Arts Administration
MA Spanish Literature and linguistics

Congress of Graduate Students
Florida State University
Speaker for Communications
Academic and Student Life Committee, Chair
International Student Advocate

 E-mail example

Dear Graduate Students of the college of……

I am your representative in the Congress of Graduate Students at FSU. I hope to serve our community by voicing any interests, views, initiatives, good news, and concerns you have, and I invite everyone to write me, or talk to me so I can represent you well.

If your organization is interested in funding through COGS, do not forget to get recognized, deadline is this Friday 30th.  For further info see attachment and information at:

If you are interested in the COGS presentation or attendance grants go to: http://sga.fsu.edu/cogs-funding.shtml
FYI - funding for November-February starts Oct 1.

We are also looking for representatives to serve in the advocacy sits for disabilities and housing, as well as from the areas of Applied studies, Communication and Information, Fine Arts, Human Sciences, Law, Music, Nursing, Panama City Campus, and Social work. See info below if interested.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Yours truly,

Your name

Information about COGS

Who we are
COGS is the official representative body of graduate students at Florida State University

What we do

  *   Represents graduate student interests to the university and community
  *   Expresses the views of graduate students
  *   Provides Grants: attendance and presentation
  *   Funds programs and activities of Student Organizations across campus that are targeted at graduate students

Interested in COGS? Questions?
Vivianne Asturizaga, Deputy Speaker for Communication (via07 at fsu.edu<mailto:via07 at fsu.edu>)

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