[Cogs] Graduate Student Focus Group with Brailsford & Dunlavey (Food Service Consultant)

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Dear COGS Representatives,

I have been contacted by Sherrell Cork, Assistant Director of the FSU Office of Business Services, regarding a campus-wide dining review to be conducted by an outside firm next week. They'd like to have a focus group for graduate students (aiming for 15 students) for this review. As graduate student representatives, this is a great opportunity.

The firm will be attending our Monday meeting and will stay afterwards to conduct this focus group interview (I've asked them to arrive at 7:30pm, though they are aware that this may not happen until 8pm or so). You are not required to stay, however, this is a means of encouraging tangible change on campus regarding food services and graduate student needs.

See the email below for more details. Please let me know if you are able to stay and participate.


P.S. They'll also be providing each participant with a free lunch at one of the campus dining locations. Hurray!


Catherine and Tristan,

The University has hired Brailsford & Dunlavey (B&D), a project management firm to conduct a campus-wide dining review and provide a food service strategic plan.  A key component of the food services strategic plan will be qualitative interviews with the campus community through focus groups.  The focus groups will be led by a moderator from B&D who will ask a series of questions and allow freedom for everyone to discuss tangential issues and to engage in dynamic group conversation.

We would like to dedicate one of the focus groups to Graduate Students during B&D’s first on-site visit next week from Monday, March 16th – Wednesday, March 18th.  We are looking for 15 Graduate Students to participate in the Graduate Student Focus Group.   There is no preparation needed and we encourage everyone to provide open feedback.

Danielle Acosta mentioned that there is a COGS meeting scheduled for Wednesday night (3/18) at 6:30pm in the Senate Chambers. Would it be possible to host the focus group before, during, or after the meeting?  If this wouldn’t work, could you recommend another date and time and assist with encouraging participation?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break!)

Let me know.


Sherrell K. Cork
Assistant Director
Office of Business Services
Florida State University
(850) 644-7521 office

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