[Cogs] Orientation Today (18 August)

COGSSpeaker COGSSpeaker at admin.fsu.edu
Tue Aug 18 19:33:05 EDT 2015

Dear Representatives,

To those of you that helped, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It could not have been done without you. We handed out nearly all our goods, got 3 pages worth of signatures in students who were interested to learn more about COGS (and/or possibly become a representative!), and spread the good word on what we do. Tabling was a success, the buses were mostly a success, and Madison Social was a super success! I was really proud in the way you all worked with people today. Great job!

I will be emailing individuals about 19 August PIE tabling. If you do not get an email from me after this one, you are not working. If you get an email, it is because you said you were available to work.


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