[COE-SAB] Friendly Reminder: You're Invited!

Conner, Kelly kconner at admin.fsu.edu
Tue Dec 17 15:34:59 EST 2013

Don't forget this week...

You're Invited!

Please join your fellow COE staff members at a social that will be hosted by your Staff
[colorful-conversations-3630846]Advisory Board (SAB.)  Lunch will be provided by the Dean's Office, so no excuses!

When?  Friday, December 20, 2013 at 12:30pm
Where?  Dean's Suite 1100, STB
Why?  Because it will be fun!

Following the social (around 1:30pm), we'd also like to "kick-off" our staff knowledge exchange program by having a Recruitment Q&A.

What's Working: Tips and Strategies for Student Recruitment.  Join us for an informal discussion about the ins and outs of recruitment, strategies that work, and where we can improve.
We hope this brainstorming session will be a venue for you to share your ideas and work out any problems you may be encountering with recruitment issues.

Please encourage each other to come out, socialize, and learn something!

See you there,

Your 2013-2014 Staff Advisory Board Members
Kelly Conner, Chair
Jackie Hayes, Vice-Chair
Theresa Harrell, Recording Secretary
Erika Bettilyon
Mary Kate McKee
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