[COE-SAB] COE Survey results and bylaws

Jim Allen jwallen at fsu.edu
Wed Feb 1 16:49:47 EST 2012

Dear COE Staff-


Based on the results of the vote taken to approve/disapprove the draft of
the SAB bylaws, with 97% out of 32  respondents approving, the bylaws have
been approved. The Dean has also approved and we have posted the official
bylaws on the SAB website here:
-Board . We have also posted the results of the staff survey on the same
page. Please feel free to visit the webpage at your convenience. 


Your input on the survey has provided the SAB and the Dean with valuable
feedback (both positive and constructive) that will be considered as we
continue to work toward meeting the goals and objectives of  the college.
Thank you very much for your input and continued participation!


As indicated  by some of the comments on the survey, several respondents
feel the need for greater recognition/appreciation of the individual efforts
of COE staff members. This is an issue that the SAB is already in the
process of addressing and we hope to have additional information in the
coming weeks as we develop a proposal(s) for the Faculty Advisory Board and
Dean to consider that will assist the college in formally recognizing COE
staff achievements, milestones and accomplishments. 


We feel (and the Dean agrees) that it is important to acknowledge how much
the college values its staff and the significant contributions they make
everyday toward student, academic and/or administrative success. Additional
opportunities for your feedback will be solicited again soon, and the Staff
Advisory Board will do its best to keep you informed. 


Thank you for all you do!


The COE Staff Advisory Board

Amy McKnight

Jim Allen 

Dr. Dina Vyortkina

Juan Gonzalez

Bryan Richards




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