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FSU Writing Center for Graduate Students is finally here!!!!
Check out the article about them: http://www.fsunews.com/article/20130124/FSVIEW0101/130123033/Graduate-Writing-Center-opens-Johnston?odyssey=mod

More details below:
Announcing: Florida State University's Graduate Writing Center
 What is the Graduate Writing Center?
Part of the English Department and its Reading Writing Center, the Graduate Writing Center serves Florida State University graduate students from all programs.
Who can use the GWC? Any graduate student, post-doc, or faculty member!
What does the GWC offer?
o   Free, appointment-based, one-on-one consultation sessions with   a GWC tutor
o   ENG 5998: Writing Grad Papers
                            -Graduate students meet with a GWC tutor at the same time every week to make progress on long term projects like thesis and dissertations.
                            -Helps provide structure, accountability, and a "practice audience" for students working on long-term projects.
o   Non-facilitated graduate student writing groups
*Helps match students from complementary disciplines (but preferably not the same program) who wish to form a writing group
*Small group study rooms available in Johnston
o   Collaborations with:
*The Graduate School's Professional Development Workshop Series
*The Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards
o   Future: The GWC is also planning to host week-long, intensive thesis/dissertation writing "bootcamps."
                                                                                            What types of work can graduate students bring to the GWC?Class papers, conference proposals, abstracts, journal articles, book chapters and other works-in-progress, scholarship application/grant application/fellowship application essays, components of a thesis or dissertation including but not limited to: the prospectus, rationales, reviews of literature, descriptions of methods, discussions/analysis of findings, and more.
What kinds of feedback can a GWC tutor provide? The GWC tutor acts as a "practice audience" by listening as a reader, and discussing the text with the writer. The GWC tutor will provide feedback on organization, clarity, coherence of ideas, logic, audience awareness, and, for multi-lingual and international writers, can help demystify the conventions of "American" academic English.  The GWC tutor will not be able to line edit, but will be able to refer students to professional proofreaders.
Who are the GWC tutors? The GWC tutors are all graduate students in English who have received specific training in working with graduate student writers from disciplines other than English. While tutors at the GWC are experienced with the content of English studies, they are not biologists, economists, or anthropologists, so they will not be able to give students feedback related to content, such as field-specific methodologies and expectations.
Where is the GWC located? The GWC is located within the RWC's Johnston location, on the ground floor.
What are the hours? Hours vary by day, but roughly 10-6, M-Th, and 10-1:30 on F
How do I make an appointment? The best way is by using the GWC's online scheduling website: http://fsu.mywconline.com  Instructions for making an appointment can be found here:http://wr.english.fsu.edu/Reading-Writing-Center/How-to-Make-an-Appointment While the GWC will accept walk-ins if a tutor is available, it is usually best to book ahead.
How much tutoring help can I have? All FSU students can have 1.5 hours of tutoring a week FOR FREE! Students enrolled in ENG 5998 may receive up to an additional 1.5 hours of appointment time per week.
Can graduate students use other RWC locations? Absolutely.

Jennifer Wells, Ph.D.
Director, Reading-Writing Centers and Digital Studios
Florida State University
jwells2 at fsu.edu<mailto:jwells2 at fsu.edu>

Dina Vyortkina, PhD
Office of Information and Instructional Technologies
The Florida State University College of Education
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1114 West Call Street
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