[Art-instructors] Department of Art - Spring session syllabi

Celeste Ivory mivory at fsu.edu
Thu Jan 20 10:54:47 EST 2022

Dear All,

If you haven't already, please submit your Spring 2022 syllabi to me via email.

If you would like to save and send your syllabus from Canvas, instructions are available here: https://support.canvas.fsu.edu/kb/article/1028-saving-a-course-syllabus-as-a-pdf-file-in-canvas/

Kind regards,

Celeste Ivory, MFA
Department of Art  |  College of Fine Arts  |  Florida State University
Fine Arts Building 220  |  530 W. Call Street  |  Tallahassee, FL 32306-1150
850.644.3147  |  mivory at fsu.edu<mailto:mivory at fsu.edu>
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