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Thu Sep 30 18:08:35 EDT 2021

Where we left off...

Hello Friend, I hope to find you well this Fall. It has been some time since our paths last crossed, but I would like to take a moment to share that my work is currently on view as part of an exhibition titled Waiting Room at Laundromat Art Space in Miami, FL. This exhibition, curated by Allison Westerfield, includes work by Elise Thompson and Lucia Riffel.

WAITING ROOM Laundromat Art Space | 185 NE 59th Street Miami, FL 33137 EXHIBITION DATES 9/18/2021 - 10/16/2021 The installation is an exploration of where the mind settles when in between the internal and external realms. Through fabricated environments of color schemes and obscured visibility, these artists explore the vulnerability that comes with interiority. The competing inclination to remain private or explicitly share feels inescapable at times and these three female artists create depictions of the emotional turbulence that pairs with residing “in-between.”

LIVE ARTIST TALK VIA ZOOM Thursday • 10/07/21• 7PM Q&A hosted by Curator Allison Westerfield Join Zoom Meeting https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://zoom.us/j/94111088681?pwd=bUhiYWRJQ2M1MFVDM2Raa0hqdWtrUT09__;!!PhOWcWs!ksA86V62cKvqNjznMMvWxiVe6k5W6NHEFGX4KUjClfZ7U_rUQw9xYPIznQjKpMJPQC1X9SjP8A$  Meeting ID: 941 1108 8681 Passcode: 1GwsMg

My artistic practice employs a range of materials and processes while exploring the dichotomy between internal experience and external presentation. The current installations act as a psychological landscape, residing somewhere between waking life and the subconscious realm. Domestic space and familiar household objects (such as a suitcase or a chair) exist as an entrance into the human psyche. The work confronts viewers with emotional tendencies such as insecurity and compulsion, presented in the intricate and precarious positioning of each item. These objects, personified, expose voids filled with a desire and need for control.

Detail images from Waiting Room (above) feature Lucia Riffel's work (left), Elise Thompson's paintings (wall-bound works in the right image), and the edge of my installation (far right).

Highlights Past, Present, & Future! • January 2020, The Shape of Things, 701 CCA, Curated by Wim Roeffs, Columbia, SC. • December 2020, Residency with Long Road Projects & Erie Arts & Culture, Erie, PA. • April 2021, Art Fair Phillippines, Mono8 Gallery, Curated by Kelli Maeshiro, Manilla Phillippines. • TBA, Special Edition Release with Long Road Projects, Art Basel, Miami, FL. • December 2021, In-Between (three-person show), Mono8 Gallery, Curated by Kelli Maeshiro, Manilla, Phillippines. • February 2022, Solo Exhibition, Good News Arts Gallery, High Creek, FL. • March 2022, Collaboration with Timothy Daisy (Chicago), ifArt Gallery, Columbia, SC. • July 2022, TBA, Curated by Allison Westerfield, Augusta, GA.

Thank you for following my work. For commissions, bookings, and sales please email me directly.

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