[Art-instructors] An opportunity to meet with a CERN scientist this week only

Keith Patterson kpatterson2 at fsu.edu
Mon Nov 15 08:07:48 EST 2021

>From Professor Harrison Prosper (FSU Physics Department):

> My colleague, Dr. Michael Hoch from CERN will be visiting Tallahassee from the 12 - 19 November.
> Michael is both a physicist and an artist and the founder of a very successful Sci/Art/Ed program in Europe called Art at CMS. He is also fully plugged into the ambitious Sci/Art/Ed project that Stephanie and I initiated and which has generated a great deal of interest in your department and further afield.
> It would be wonderful to take the opportunity of Michael's visit, for example, by having him give a workshop/seminar on his work to the students and faculty of the Department of Art. It would also be great for him to visit with your colleagues and students to get a sense of the vibrancy of the department.
> Please let me know if something could be arranged. So far Michael's schedule is totally open, apart from Thursday afternoon and the Friday morning of his departure.
> Harrison
> ------
> Harrison B. Prosper
> Kirby W. Kemper Endowed Professor of Physics
> Department of Physics
> Florida State University
> Tallahassee FL 32306, USA

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