[Art-instructors] FAR & Away Conversations with Related Tactics - 3/23

Marty Fielding mfielding at fsu.edu
Mon Mar 8 15:37:22 EST 2021

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Related Tactics presented by FAR & Away Conversations
Tuesday March 23 at 7pm EST
We are excited to present a live-streamed discussion between Michele Carlson, Nate Watson, and Weston Teruya of the social engagement collective Related Tactics<http://relatedtactics.com/>. You can join the conversation via the chat. The image below is from The Future Now, their recent intervention in San Francisco.

The event is free with advance registration.

Click Here to Register Now<https://bit.ly/2GqXUIG>


Please join us for an engaging conversation between the members of Related Tactics.

Related Tactics <http://relatedtactics.com/> is an artistic collaboration between artists and cultural workers Michele Carlson, Weston Teruya, and Nathan Watson. Formed in 2015, Related Tactics projects are made at the intersection of race and culture. Our projects explore the connections between art, movements for social justice, and the public through trans-disciplinary exchanges, collective making, and dialog. Related Tactics is also a conceptual space and platform where we employ curatorial strategies as artistic gestures to create opportunities within our communities and construct space for collective voice. We confront systemic and institutional racism or inequities that influence our immediate socio-cultural lived experience—a practice that benefits from collective support and sharing knowledge or resources. We do this through collaboration and critical thought strategically implemented amongst and for communities of color and the diaspora.

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