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Offer support for my upcoming installation. Get an original work of art and contribute to the creation of another.


You can opt to pay in four interest-free installments instead of paying in full! The BUY IT buttons, in pink above, will allow you to send the money directly to me via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account and prefer not to set one up, you may reply to this email for other electronic payment options.

Check out my work via UNAFRAID Magazine! Click the Link Below

Highlights Past, Present, & Future! • Visayas Art Fair (Mono8 Gallery), November 2022, Cebu City, Philippines. • Xavier Art Fair (Mono8 Gallery), October 2022, San Juan City, Philippines. • Westobou Gallery, TBA (three-person show) curated by Allison Westerfield, June 2022, Augusta, GA. • Art in the Park, Mono8 Gallery, April 2022, Makati City, Philippines. • Mono8 Gallery, In-Between (three-person show) curated by Kelli Maeshiro, March 2022, Manila, Philippines. • ifArt Gallery, TBA Collaboration with Timothy Daisy (Chicago), March 2022, Columbia, SC. • Good News Arts Gallery, Solo Show, February 2022, High Creek, FL. • Art Fair Philippines (Mono8 Gallery), February 2022, Makati City, Philippines. • Laundromat Art Space, Waiting Room (three-person show) curated by Allison Westerfield, September 2021, Miami, FL. • Art Fair Phillippines (Mono8 Gallery), curated by Kelli Maeshiro, April 2021, Manilla Phillippines. • 701 CCA, The Shape of Things, curated by Wim Roeffs, January 2020, Columbia, SC. • Artist Residency (Long Road Projects & Erie Arts & Culture), December 2020, Erie, PA.

Thank you for your Support! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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