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Wed Dec 1 12:20:47 EST 2021

From: Marty Fielding <mfielding at fsu.edu>
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Subject: End of Semester Equipment Checkout Hours

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Thank you

Dear Students and Faculty

We are at the end of what has hopefully been a creative and transformational semester!

All equipment that you have on loan from Equipment Checkout must be returned this week.

Hours have extended for convenient returns.
12- 5pm - Tues, 11/30
3 - 5pm - Weds, 12/1
10 – 5pm - Thurs, 12/2
12 – 2pm - Fri, 12/3
12 – 4pm - Sat. 12/4

Thank you and have an excellent break!

Marty Fielding

Specialized Faculty
Florida State University
Department of Art
mfielding at fsu.edu<mailto:mfielding at fsu.edu>


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