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Celeste Ivory mivory at fsu.edu
Fri Aug 20 16:38:57 EDT 2021

Dear Department of Art Faculty, Adjuncts and TAs:

FSU's required & recommended syllabi language (as stated: https://facsenate.fsu.edu/Curriculum-Resources/syllabus-language) is combined and attached as a 3-page document to be included as an addendum to all syllabi in Department courses. It is attached in both .pdf and .doc formats for your convenience.

Remember to submit your syllabi to me as soon as possible before your class starts. Thank you.

Please also consider the following:

Recommend adding the following statement to your syllabus in the objectives portion:
In this course, students will contextualize their work by understanding the relationship of their research and creative interests to various major historical and contemporary artists and art movements.

Students will analyze and discuss relevant factors/themes surrounding the production, curation, and canonization of certain works (and not others) in relationship to aesthetics as it intersects with societal, cultural, historical, and economic forces that drive it.

Also recommend adding this statement with regard to students recording course content:
In the Department of Art, we do not have traditional lecture courses. Our classes are a mixture of faculty instruction, personalized studio work, individual and group critiques, student presentations, and class discussions. Because Studio Art classes are not strict instructor-based lectures (consistent with state law and university policy), you may not make recordings of classroom activities without the permission of the instructor. This policy applies to both audio and video recordings.

Suggested Syllabus Statement on Public Health Protocols (prepared by the FSU Faculty Senate Steering Committee)

In our classroom, I will expect everyone to wear a proper, well-fitting mask. As our President has informed the university community, FSU expects everyone on campus to use face-coverings. In regions where virus rates are high, the CDC recommends that even vaccinated individuals wear masks in public indoor spaces, like classrooms, especially where social distancing is not possible. Florida infection and hospitalization rates are greater now than they were at the height of the 2020 surge due to the Delta variant, a more infectious and easily transmissible version of the COVID-19 virus. The best way to protect against serious illness is to be fully vaccinated, but not everyone among us can be. Because the Delta variant can infect even vaccinated individuals and can be spread by them to others, it poses a special threat to members of the community with underlying health conditions and children at home who are too young for vaccination.

For these reasons, FSU expects each member of the community to comply with the public health protocols our President set forth on August 9, 2021, including (1) wearing masks in public indoor spaces, (2) getting fully vaccinated, (3) being tested for the virus if you have symptoms, and (4) staying home and away from others if you are sick. Please remember that you should NOT attend class in person if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are quarantining after exposure. Finally, please bear in mind that the COVID-19 situation is fast-moving, and that university guidance on the issue may change at any time.

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