[Art-instructors] From Lilian: A Modest Proposal for Election Day

Elizabeth DiDonna edidonna at fsu.edu
Wed Sep 30 15:22:22 EDT 2020

Dear Faculty,

In light of the upcoming election and the current unstable and anxious state that many, especially our students, find themselves in, I want to remind you that we are not just teaching students to be artists, we are modeling how to be citizens. In that spirit, I am encouraging you to consider making your class content asynchronous on November 3 and also not having major projects due on that day. We are not sure what COVID-related complications might arise at polling places, so I think this small gesture could go a long way in not compounding the extra stress of that day.

Keep in mind that many of our students are seeking ways to make a difference somehow and that young people are particularly necessary as poll workers during the pandemic. We don’t want students to feel as though they can’t volunteer in this capacity, so consider planning to have extra flexibility for students around the election.

This is not mandatory — it’s just a suggestion — but please be thoughtful of the added stress and frustration many people are having during these particularly challenging times of heightened political, racial, environmental, and health crises that we are all trying to navigate.

Below are official non-partisan voting sites and links that you are welcome to share:

Reminder that FLORIDA VOTER registration deadline is OCT 5!

Florida PIRG Students organization has a “New Voter Project” that assists students in registering:

To check your status:

To register:

For those students and faculty who are voting by mail, there are several DROP BOX sites  around town for EARLY VOTING ONLY, which is from October 19-November 1. One drop box site is at the FSU Tucker Center (East Entrance) 505 W Pensacola St. 32301 (open from 10am - 6pm).


Lilian Garcia-Roig
Professor & Chair
Art Department
Florida State University
lgarciaroig at fsu.edu<mailto:lgarciaroig at fsu.edu>

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