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Hi All,

If you encounter any students in your classes with laptop or webcam issues that they cannot afford to fix, FSU's Case Management can help. I've reached out a few times on behalf of students already, and the process is super easy. Here's the message I received from Tyler Shannon, Asst. Dean/Director of Case Management, regarding the program and how to access it:

"The laptop loaner program was created in conjunction with the Provost, Vice President Kyle Clark, and Vice President Amy Hecht to provide technology for any student in need. We have lots of technology to hand out to those in need.  Please feel free to send any student our way, it’s a very “open” program and we have hundreds of laptops available 😊  Feel free to provide my email/contact info to any student and have them reach out.  I’ll then get them squared away."

Here's Tyler's email: tdshannon at fsu.edu<mailto:tdshannon at fsu.edu>

After receiving a request, the student is sent a loan agreement form. The student signs and returns this form along with their current mailing address. The laptop is then sent directly to the student. There doesn't appear yet to be an end date on the loan. This program is eligible for graduate students.

As this program is designed specifically to help out FSU those students facing financial difficulties, I ask that you not simply share details of this program with all the students in your classes. Instead, please share this only with those whom you can identify a need.



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