[Art-instructors] FW: Reporting Covid in the Classroom

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From: Jeff Beekman <jbeekman at fsu.edu>

Hi All,

Rob Duarte shared his notes from a recent Senate meeting where updated FSU COVID procedures were discussed. The below is pulled from these and subsequent communications with Emily Pritchard of the Secure Assessment for FSU Exposure Response (SAFER).

If you need to report a student with COVID, follow these 3 steps:

1. Report to the university:
     a. Go to my.fsu.edu
     b. Click "Daily Wellness Checker"
     c.  Click the three-lines menu in the upper right of the screen
     d.  Select "Contact SAFER Team," and fill out the form that pops up

Alternatively, if a student informs you of a positive COVID diagnosis via email, you can simply forward it to: covid19 at fsu.edu<mailto:covid19 at fsu.edu>

2. Report to the department (no names, please):
     a. If you are a Faculty member, contact Jeff Beekman
     b. If you are an Adjunct or Grad instructor, contact Jeff Beekman and the Faculty member overseeing the class.
            -Faculty can help determine appropriate accomodations and provide guidance should problems arise.

3. Share the following links with the self-reporting student:


Additionally, attached is SAFER's "Faculty Covid Classroom FAQ. It reiterates a lot of the above and more.

Lastly, we've had a few instances where people from across the university have contacted faculty and instructors in our department to inquire whether specific students have Covid. You cannot give out this information. Again, this violates our students' FERPA rights.

Thanks all, and thanks to Rob for sharing your notes!


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