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You may want to contact HR to make sure that all of the information should be sent to you.  I would think giving you all the student information and you reaching out goes against HIPPA.  I thought this was supposed to be strictly between the student, instructor and HR.  Correct me if I am wrong.

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Hi All,

We are starting to get students in our classes self-reporting cases of Covid-19. As such, it is a good time to put forward a plan regarding how to handle these. Here are some steps we would like you to follow should a student inform you that they have received a positive test result:

1. Respect student privacy. If this is told to you during a Zoom session, offer to transition the conversation to a break-out room or ask them to stay on to continue this conversation for a few minutes after class. If it is told to you in a non-public forum, please do not share this with other students.

2. Be accommodating, and reach out to the Area Head/Director overseeing the class you are teaching for support in determining what this looks like. Accommodations could include deadline extensions and changing assignment parameters in ways that enable them to be accomplished while quarantined and perhaps suffering from covid-related health or financial setbacks. What's most important is that the learning outcomes are covered. Flexibility in terms of how these are met is definitely encouraged. Your Area Head/Director should help you figure this out.

3. Reach out by email to Jeff Beekman. In this email please include the student's contact information, a list of upcoming assignments (with materials list/s), and any information you feel might be relevant. I will: A. reach out directly to the student to ensure they have what they need, B. report the positive test result to the university, and C. contact other instructors within the department with whom the student is currently enrolled, so they can take appropriate action.

We all know by now that students are not required to reveal a positive Covid diagnosis. We also know that students will get sick from illnesses other than Covid. While the above reporting protocols do not need to be followed in these cases, I still suggest being as accommodating as possible. No one is asking for a relaxation of standards, but please be flexible in terms of how these are met. These are tough times for everyone.

Thanks, and should you have any questions, absolutely feel free to reach out.


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