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Dear Instructors,

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will be required to access all university systems. ITS has been rolling this out and you may have already been prompted to complete your setup. If you haven’t, we urge you to set this up now so that you don’t get locked out of the system, which may happen as early as tomorrow, Oct 26 (this will be required for students starting tomorrow).

ITS has instructions on how to set this up and there are some links below.


Find out how to prepare for 2FA at FSU
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[A quick guide to our Duo two-factor authentication process]
2FA is almost here
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is being added to your FSU account on
Oct. 14, 2020, at 9:00 AM.

You will soon use 2FA for all university systems accessed via the main FSU sign in page, such as myFSU Portal and myFSU HR, as well as your FSU email and several other applications.

Follow the steps below to make sure you have your 2FA account and devices set up.

2FA for FSU<https://its.fsu.edu/2fa?utm_source=email&utm_medium=blast&utm_campaign=2FA_employees>

[Garnet dotted line]

How to Prepare
Download the Duo Mobile App
The Duo Mobile App, available from the App Store<https://apps.apple.com/us/app/duo-mobile/id422663827> and Google Play<https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duosecurity.duomobile>, is the fastest method for 2FA. It even works without a Wi-Fi connection.
Check Your Account
You can check your 2FA account<http://fsuid.fsu.edu/OIMSelfService/manage2FA> to see if any of your devices are registered already with Duo and verify the information is up to date.
Add 2FA Devices
You will need to register the devices you plan to use for 2FA<http://fsuid.fsu.edu/OIMSelfService/manage2FA>. We recommend entering more than one device. This way, you can still use 2FA if you ever misplace your cellphone or are away from your desk. Follow the How to Set Up 2FA Guide<https://its.fsu.edu/sites/g/files/upcbnu1011/files/ITS%20Website/How%20To%20Set%20Up%202FA_0.pdf> for step-by-step instructions.
Purchase a 2FA Token
If you do not have a mobile device, you can purchase a token, a small device that generates 2FA passcodes, from the FSU Bookstore<https://bookstore.fsu.edu/>.
Learn How to Use 2FA
Bookmark or download and save the How to Use 2FA Guide<https://its.fsu.edu/sites/g/files/upcbnu1011/files/ITS%20Website/How%20To%20Use%202FA.pdf> for quick and easy instructions on how to verify your identity with 2FA when the time comes.

Questions? We're here to help. Contact the ITS Service Desk at 850-644-4357 or help.fsu.edu<https://help.fsu.edu>.





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