[Art-instructors] FW: Update on library reduction conversation + Taylor & Francis data

Keith Patterson kpatterson2 at fsu.edu
Wed Oct 7 11:20:17 EDT 2020

From: Leah Sherman <lrsherman at fsu.edu>

Dear colleagues,

Thanks to everyone who has already shared feedback on the list of library resources currently under consideration to be cancelled. As you know, librarians are being forced to cut $400,000 from the FSU Libraries budget this fiscal year. We do our best to be judicious in which resources we acquire and discontinue, but managing such a drastic cut to resources is never easy. Here are the latest data on the journal packages under consideration.

Wiley and Elsevier journals

As part of this budget reduction process, we are looking for ways to save money on our journal packages while still maintaining access to the most important journal titles. At the time our website <https://www.lib.fsu.edu/cda/fy21reductions> went live, we only had detailed information to share for the publishers Wiley and Elsevier. In both of these cases, we have provided Excel spreadsheets of the specific titles we would like to cut in order to save an estimated $75,000 to $95,000, combined. If a journal title does not appear on these spreadsheets, it is not being considered for cancellation. If you do see a title on these spreadsheets that is critical to your current research and teaching, please let us know.

Taylor & Francis journals

This week we received information regarding the Taylor & Francis (T&F) journal package and some options to consider moving forward. Our current package costs $386,000. We cannot sustain this total subscription cost. We have two options. First, we can cancel the entire package and only subscribe to a short list of key journals at list price. This is the same approach we used recently to cut our Elsevier spending in half. Alternatively, we can subscribe to a few smaller, subject-specific journal packages.

Attached you will find a spreadsheet that lists ALL of the Taylor & Francis journals in our current subscription. They are grouped into the subject-specific packages that T&F offers. To help us make the best decisions for both content quality and overall cost, we ask that you identify which specific journals are most important to your research and teaching. While they are all valuable in some way, which titles require immediate and regular access for your current projects, for course readings, and other ongoing needs? Keep in mind that canceling a subscription does not mean losing all access; we can still acquire individual articles as needed via InterLibrary Loan and other document delivery services.

It may be helpful for a representative from your department to compile a list of these "must-have" journals and share them with me all at once.

Thank you again for your continued feedback and please let me know if I can provide any additional information about this process.


Leah Sherman
Visual & Performing Arts Librarian
Florida State University
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