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Mon Oct 5 09:53:07 EDT 2020

From: Leah Sherman <lrsherman at fsu.edu>

Dear all,

I write with some news about the FSU Libraries budget this year: due to the impact of the global pandemic on revenues for the State of Florida budget, as well as inflationary price increases from scholarly publishers, the FSU Libraries must reduce collections spending by approximately $400,000 in order to balance the budget. Over the past few months, we have identified a list of resources for cancellation by analyzing user statistics, cost-per-use estimates, changing curricular needs, and availability through alternative means.

These identified resource cuts make up approximately $300,000 of the needed total. We are working to save the remaining $100,000 through vendor credits, negotiating down inflationary increases in our existing contracts, and other operational savings.

We value your input as we make these difficult decisions, and we request your feedback. The following webpage provides additional information on the project, a detailed list of resources considered for cancellation, and instructions on how to provide feedback: https://www.lib.fsu.edu/cda/fy21reductions

Please review the lists and submit your feedback to the form on the website by October 16.

We would especially like to know if one of these resources is critical to a current research project or fall 2020 course. If you would like to advocate that we preserve access to one of these resources, we would appreciate your recommendations for other resources in your field that would be more appropriate for cancellation at this time.

For those resources that we must discontinue, we will make every attempt to provide timely access through a variety of services such as open access alternatives, interlibrary loan, and collaborative resource sharing where possible.

As always, please email me directly (LRSherman at fsu.edu<mailto:LRSherman at fsu.edu>) if you have further questions, comments, or concerns.



Leah Sherman
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LRSherman at fsu.edu<mailto:LRSherman at fsu.edu>

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