[Art-instructors] Excellence in the Visual Arts exhibition Awards Virtual Gallery Launch & PEOPLE CHOICE VOTING link LIVE until Nov 6

Keith Patterson kpatterson2 at fsu.edu
Tue Nov 3 13:30:37 EST 2020

From: Lilian Garcia Roig <lgarciaroig at fsu.edu>

Art Department Faculty, Staff & Students,

This year the Excellence in the Visual Arts Exhibition Awards will be virtual!

And guess what-you do get to vote twice during this election year– but for  2020 Excellence in Visual Arts Graduate & Undergraduate Exhibition People’s Choice Awards!

Although this exhibition is open to all FSU students, there are quite a number of FSU Art Department students in the show and I hope we can support them by viewing and reading about their work in this show.

On Friday, October 30th, our online gallery and voting opened and I an encouraging all of you to visit the site and to vote on the various PEOPLE’S CHOICE Awards we have.

There are two galleries; a graduate and undergraduate gallery, so please visit both and vote for your favorite in each gallery-


When you will then be able to join us to celebrate our undergraduate and graduate winners!

Please visit our online gallery here: https://hsf.fsu.edu/art-awards

Vote for your favorite (PEOPLE’s CHOICE) art here: http://bit.ly/ArtVoting <http://bit.ly/ArtVoting%C2%A0>

Register for the event here: https://fsu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcvd-ipqj4tEtFX4W3raO1y8Ok4v-ZgrhFL <https://fsu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcvd-ipqj4tEtFX4W3raO1y8Ok4v-ZgrhFL%C2%A0>

Please feel free to support your favorite artists and join us for this virtual launch and presentation. We will announce the recipients of this year’s awards from the incredible field of work that was submitted to us for our gallery. We will also announce the recipient of the audience favorite. Please to forward this information and encourage people to vote for the audience favorite before 4pm.

Although we hoped to have this exhibition and presentation in the Honors, Scholar’s & Fellow’s House (HSF) galleries, the HSF House folks have done a great job of creating a wonderful online gallery of the works selected for exhibition. I am incredibly thankful for everyone’s patience and for the beautiful and thoughtful artwork the students provided for us this year, and look forward to being able to see most of this year’s selected artist’s works in person in the galleries next spring.

Thank you

Lilian Garcia-Roig
Professor & Chair
Art Department
Florida State University
lgarciaroig at fsu.edu<mailto:lgarciaroig at fsu.edu>


D. Craig Filar, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Director, Office of National Fellowships
Florida State University

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