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Stephanie James sljames at fsu.edu
Thu Mar 26 16:39:04 EDT 2020

Dear Faculty and Instructors,

This massage came form the Budget Office this afternoon:

The Budget Office would like to provide the following recommendations associated with current and future budgeting issues as they relate to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is unclear at this time the exact impact that this will have on our overall budgeting process; therefore, it is essential that we are as prudent as possible in spending. There are many unknowns that could have a negative impact on the University’s overall budget. To this end, please hold your purchases to only essential items. This is not the time to make nonessential purchases, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation. Below are some recommendations that we would like everyone to follow until we get through this process.

Can we spend carryforward dollars at this time?

We are recommending strong discouragement of carryforward expenditures at this time. In light of significant uncertainties in the coming months, we are working hard to accumulate our resources in order to sustain University operations for the long-term. To this end, please hold your purchases to only essential items. If anyone has any questions relating to if a purchase qualifies as an essential expense, please contact Art Office and we will find answers for you.

Thanks for your patience,


Stephanie James
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