[Art-instructors] Online Teaching begins Tomorrow

Stephanie James sljames at fsu.edu
Sun Mar 22 15:26:05 EDT 2020

Dear Faculty and Adjunct Instructors,

I am sure you are all aware and I don’t need to remind you that teaching online begins tomorrow. It’s unchartered territory for most of you but I feel confident that you are all as prepared as possible. There will be hiccups along the way; maybe technology, student motivation, maybe your own motivation, issues with communication and so on. Nothing is unsolvable, please let me know how I can help you with an email to an individual or a group or just airing ideas on next steps as you proceed. If you have some tips to share with the academic team that would be awesome.

I have no news yet on whether we will be grading S/U, P/F or letter-grade, I will immediately inform you when I do. There are many pluses and minuses for either or a combination of the two. University leadership are discussing this as I write.

The advisors are working remotely answering all questions for students. Point them to June and Emily if they have queries on graduation timelines etc.

Good luck everyone,


Stephanie James
Chair, Department of Art
College of Fine Arts
Florida State University
Tel: (850) 644-8254
Email: sljames at fsu.edu

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