[Art-instructors] FW: Coronavirus Impacts on University Expenditures and Contracts

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Dear Faculty,

Please see the directive below. The Art Office will not be placing any further orders for equipment or class supplies (unless absolutely essential) until we are given permission to do so. I’m not sure how we can make an argument for essential but if you have one then we will consider it. Please note that access to FAB has been limited due to security issues and
Staff asked to work remotely if they can. Orders coming in will require someone to receive them and this will take some managing.

Thanks for your patience and your help in responding to all of the matters so far.


Stephanie James
Chair, Department of Art
College of Fine Arts
Florida State University
Tel: (850) 644-8254
Email: sljames at fsu.edu

From: Rachel Collins <racollins at fsu.edu>
Date: Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 3:11 PM
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Subject: FW: Coronavirus Impacts on University Expenditures and Contracts

Good Afternoon,

The email below was just sent out to all of the Financial Representatives this afternoon.  It outlines that due to the COVID-19, the University is asking for all departments to be fiscally conservative as we do not know how long this will impact operations.  This means that non-essential purchases should not be made at this time.  If you have any pending purchase orders for non-essential items, those should be cancelled.

If you have pending orders and are awaiting their arrival, it would be best to contact the vendor to see if you are able to get tracking information so you can ensure that someone can be available when it arrives.  If these items are for faculty members who are not on campus, your staff should contact the faculty member to set an appointment for pickup.

At this time, all of our buildings should be locked down to outside visitors if possible.  We want to ensure that all faculty and staff are safe and protected.

If you should have any questions or need additional clarification, please feel free to contact the offices listed in the email below.

Thank you,

Rachel Collins
Chief Operations Manager
FSU College of Fine Arts/UBA
(850) 645-0496

From: FinRep [mailto:finrep-bounces at lists.fsu.edu] On Behalf Of Financial Representatives via FinRep
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2020 2:04 PM
To: finrep at lists.fsu.edu
Subject: [FinRep] Coronavirus Impacts on University Expenditures and Contracts

Coronavirus Impacts on University Expenditures and Contracts

COVID-19 continues to impact our day-to-day operations as State and University leaders act to protect students, faculty, and staff, and to plan for the future.

Essential Purchases
Although it is difficult to predict how long this challenging time will persist, departments are encouraged to be fiscally prudent and conservative at this point. As possible, pending contracts and expenses should be evaluated by departmental management, and purchases deemed to be nonessential should be delayed for the time being.

Existing Requisitions and Contracts

In light of the recent developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hoping to help you with any purchase order cancellations or changes/postponements that may be necessary. For specific information please visit https://procurement.fsu.edu/Covid19POs.

Supplier Access to Campus

If there is a specific need that requires a supplier to come to campus at this time, please contact Procurement Services prior to any visit. This request is especially critical for those individuals meeting the identified criteria for self-isolation. To limit social congregating, we are encouraging “virtual” meetings (Zoom, GoTo, etc.) or teleconferences in the coming weeks.  We appreciate your continuing support of the University. As more information becomes available, we will be sending updates. If you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out to your main contact in the Procurement Services.
Questions and Assistance

For purchase order and contract questions, including cancellations,  postponements, and extensions, please contact Procurement Services at procurement at fsu.edu<mailto:procurement at fsu.edu> or x46850.

For spending and carryforward spending/budget questions please contact the Budget Office at budget at fsu.edu<mailto:budget at fsu.edu>.

For questions regarding legal issues and disputes regarding contracts, please contact the Office of General Counsel at x43300.

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