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Hi Stephanie,

How do p/f classes effect gpa’s? If they don’t and art goes all p/f, would this give undue weight to student’s non-art classes? I just want to be sure we aren’t setting up a situation where a B- in a foreign language or math could cost a student their bright futures scholarship.

As long as we get assurances the above scenario isn’t going to happen I’m all for p/f.


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Dear Professor James,
I write with enthusiastic support for the P/F model to finish our tumultuous Spring semester.

While I admit that I am interested in the experimental modes that may be imagined and even implemented in the scramble that will continue to burden every employee of the university in the coming weeks, I do not feel that it is appropriate to share this burden with our students.

As instructors and professors across the campus roll-out experimental pedagogical strategies and technologies, I feel it is unfair to our students to ask that they not only play along as good-sports in these experiments, but also ask that they perform as scholars to be evaluated by a traditional grading matrix, that was only applicable in a much more stable educational environment (if even then).

This seems a minor generosity for us to extend to our students and I hope that our colleagues across the Fine and Performing Arts work group will agree.

Thank you for collecting faculty feedback.

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Hi all,

The Fine and Performing Arts work group is meeting again tomorrow at 1:00 and I have just this minute been given the task of gathering your thoughts. What are the pros and cons, questions about how it might work, and possible barrier that we would need to address if we were to move to S/U or P/F instead of letter grades for this semester? Please, if you have time send me your thoughts. I want to push for it being a choice that you make – many of you have already completed a significant amount of grading and may not want to abandon it, however it will also be difficult to navigate the nuances of the grading matrices when students are working remotely.

Let me know


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