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Stephanie James sljames at fsu.edu
Mon Mar 16 17:50:32 EDT 2020

Hi all,

After meeting with the lab managers this afternoon and in consultation with the Dean, we have decided to close the labs and workshops to all students apart from graduating BFA and MFA’s over the next three weeks. We do not have the capacity to monitor all of our students’ travel plans so we are restricting access to those we can manage and who will require workshop access to complete their thesis projects. The managers will only allow the students listed below to use the workshops and labs via appointment. We will be contacting all the students to notify them of this decision. We wait to hear whether the university takes further action or closes but for now it is to be regarded as open.

For details please contact the lab managers as there are arrangements that can be made to ensure that project work gets fired etc. Nick Parparian has offered to meet students at CAB so that he can retrieve materials for them from their studios for home working. The GA’s are expected work as normal, onsite if they haven’t traveled out of the area or remotely if they have. The Equipment Check will have very limited open hours.


MFA – not left TLH area
Brian Holcombe
Toni Ardizzone (working from TLH home)
Caroline Ennis
Channing Gray
James Goddard
Michelle Wilcox
Skip Brea
Patrick Shevlin

BFA – not left TLH area
April Cluess
Claudia Guerra
Sam Bigelow
Melissa Davis
Will Leach
Kassadie Nietto (also wants access to print labs)
Kenny Nguyen
Alex Miadzel
Urielle Blanchard  (leaving 19th) will require access until then

BFA – left TLH area – not permitted access
Hayley Mann (away)
Emily Chaverie (away)
Luz Garcia (away)

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