[Art-instructors] Feedback from Deans and Chairs Meeting - COVID-19

Stephanie James sljames at fsu.edu
Tue Mar 10 17:54:14 EDT 2020

Dear Faculty, Adjuncts and Graduate Teaching Assistants,

As you may know the University is taking precautions regarding the potential spread of COVID-19. The University intends to stay open for the remainder of the semester; however, we are asked to plan a transition to online teaching where we can. To this end I am asking you to let me know which classes you intend to teach online and which will require student access to workshops for the completion of their assignments. The deadline to submit your plans is the 23rd of March. I am meeting with Lab Managers to work on a schedule for opening hours and for routine sanitizing of equipment and tools.

The University has created several webpages listed below that can help you plan. If you are unfamiliar with ZOOM and CANVAS there are training sessions you can sign up for.

The ODL emergency instruction page provides steps to help you effectively implement online delivery. Please take some time to read through these steps before you plan how your current face-to-face class will transition to online.

https://odl.fsu.edu/  https://odl.fsu.edu/emergency-instruction

The remote-work page is also useful.


Please direct your students to this page if they have questions about the virus.



What I require from you by March 23rd end of day (5:00pm):

  1.  Two lists of classes: one you intend to transition to online AND the other you will continue face-to-face. Indicate which classes require lab access.

  1.  A brief outline of how you will:

  *   deliver online
  *   what software you will require or use
  *   how the students will be able to achieve the learning outcomes.

  1.  Help students understand that we are working hard to keep their studies on track.

Thank you


Stephanie James
Chair, Department of Art
College of Fine Arts
Florida State University
Tel: (850) 644-8254
Email: sljames at fsu.edu

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