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Dear Students, Instructors, Staff and Faculty in the Department of Art,

I want to express my deepest sympathy at the recent events in Minnesota and Brunswick, Georgia. The death of George Floyd is awful and unbelievable; I hope all of the four officers involved are held properly accountable for their actions. And the same for the two who wrongfully and for no reason, took the life of Ahmaud Arbery. Coming from a white woman of privilege I hope this does not come across as ingenuine but I am saddened by the brutality of the police against black people in this country and the long history of the inequity and systemic racism. Every one of us must take it seriously enough to find ways to stop this outrageous violence. I came to art because I believe that art is a profoundly human way of being and it offers so much to us as a society to bond and unite.

I can appreciate that many of you are angered and cannot find solace; I want you to know that the Department is standing in solidarity with our colleagues and peaceful demonstrators against racism and discrimination.

As President Thrasher outlined in his message; ‘it is important during these times that we reaffirm the values that we, as a university, hold most dear – respect, civility, and diversity and inclusion – as well as our commitment to justice and equality.’



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