[Art-instructors] USG rep doing demos on 1/9, 3:35 pm

Carolyn Henne chenne at admin.fsu.edu
Tue Jan 7 11:40:05 EST 2020

Hi all,
I have scheduled with a USG (Unites States Gypsum) rep to come to my class on Thursday, 1/9, 3:35 pm to do some demos.  If you are teaching during these times, your classes are welcome to sit in on the demos.  I will also send this out to student listservs so individuals can attend if they like.

He will bring and demo these products: ultracal 30, hydrostone, new concrete product, pro faux, fgr-95, moulding plaster, etc.
You can see info in the attachment.

Just let me know if you want to take advantage of his visit.


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