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Keith Patterson kpatterson2 at fsu.edu
Fri Aug 28 10:11:54 EDT 2020

Hi all,

Happy end of the first week of classes! I hope everyone is well and that your semester is getting off to a smooth start.

I have 2 Library updates for you this morning:

  *   The budget is in!
     *   And GOOD NEWS: the budget is flat from last year, meaning there are no cuts to the funds for departmental materials requests.
     *   Please keep in mind that these requests should be for one-time purchases such as books/e-books or media - they cannot be used for recurring costs like new journal subscriptions or databases licenses.
     *   I am currently reviewing requests already received and I should be caught up by early next week. I have already approved those items that were identified as being for fall courses or of urgent need.
     *   If you have a new request to make please use the Materials Suggestion Form on the Library's mail website.
     *   Although the budget is flat, I would still advise that requests for should prioritize items for immediate teaching and research needs, not wish list requests. As we continue in our online learning environment I am preferencing e-books and streaming media where possible and these cost considerably more than physical materials.
  *   Library instruction
     *   As a reminder I am only offering asynchronous instruction for Fine Arts classes this fall semester. I will not be available for live presentations this semester.
     *   I have updated and expanded all of our Research Guides and created accompanying research intro Canvas modules for each CFA program. I welcome you to incorporate these into your course sites - the modules are already into the Canvas Commons!
     *   I am also willing to create a pdf version of the Canvas module.
     *   For more information on this program and for instructions about how to find the module or how to request a pdf handout please see this doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16TTz4216zxu3keraRytyIp7U1iL-EzynXLk3skwxOh0/edit?usp=sharing

As always, if you or your students have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at LRSherman at fsu.edu<mailto:LRSherman at fsu.edu>. I'm just an email away and happy to help however I can.


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