[Art-instructors] Children's Day June 9th

Stephanie James sljames at fsu.edu
Wed May 29 13:59:10 EDT 2019

Some of our students are working on an art project with children for the National Children’s Day event in Cascades park on Sunday June 9th. If you have any materials that you can donate to the project that would be awesome. Here is the list of things they need;

  *   Cardboard – we will need a lot of clean cardboard.
  *   Colored Paper – monster colors
  *   Crayons
  *   Fabric offcuts
  *   White paper for rubbings
  *   Paper straws
  *   String/twine/wool
  *   Colored marker pens
  *   Clear tape
  *   Double sided tape
  *   Butterfly studs
  *   Glue sticks
  *   Scissors
  *   Accessories mixed (feathers, stickers, glittery things, beads)

If you have materials that you want to donate you can either leave them in the Art Office or we can come and collect them from you. Let me know as soon as you can.
Many thanks

Stephanie James
Chair, Department of Art
College of Fine Arts
Florida State University
Tel: (850) 644-8254
Email: sljames at fsu.edu

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