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An Artful Spring

Please join me for the opening reception of GUT/CUT Sunday, May 19th from 3-7PM at Park Ave. Studios in Savannah, GA. This duo-show between artist Kelly Boehmer and myself (Brittany M. Watkins), explores themes of vulnerability and empathy through our individual relationships with color, material, and process. Each independent body of work speaks to the other regarding internal make-up of the human constitution. For the first time, I am engaging a dialogue with (CUT) and/or destruction as a means to examine psychological space alongside Boehmer's ongoing inquiry into the physical internal (GUT) through historical and fairy tale narratives. A distinct connection between the artwork is carried throughout the space as the viewer will be saturated by immersive color and imagery. This show is hosted by contemporary artist Sharon Norwood and curated by Allison Westerfield. To follow future art exhibitions and events at Park Ave. Studios click the Facebook link below!

After the installment of GUT/CUT, I will be traveling to Rabun Gap, Georgia for a two-week residency at The Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts & Sciences to continue the production of what I have termed "Remnant Paintings/Works" (examples below) as well as the development of a new series of experimental "Rumination Paintings" on paper. I would like to share a little background into the process of these "Remnant Works" as this process is a crux of the upcoming show

The Sore on Tim's Libido, upholstery on wood with acrylic & latex paint, 2018. Remnant painting from AFFECT-ED, BEING at 701 Center for Contemporary Arts

In 2016, I began re-envisioning objects from one installation to another. This involved cutting, or flipping, or hanging, or stacking, and slathering these items with layers of paint. These items are then able to live on in a new form, while carrying the memory of their old self. This practice led me to question where the dead object would ultimately remain. I was faced with the reality that they often find their way back to the dumpsters and streets from which I first saved them.

Shifting Tides Cubed, couch upholstery and leather, bed sheets, acrylic & latex paint, 2018. Remnant painting displayed left, installation shot from AFFECT-ED, BEING at 701 Center for Contemporary Arts.

Thus, I began to skin the upholstered furniture, stretching and composing these remnants onto the canvas. They were transformed into paintings in their own right. These painted works have since gone on to inform new installations along with the ability to stand alone (refer to installation shot above). This material exploration has enabled me to further manipulate the various upholsteries and fabrics, recently having incorporated hand-stitching and collage for a more dynamic and expressive composition. You may see my newest series of "Remnant Works" at GUT/CUT starting this Sunday, May 19th from 3-7PM. She show will remain on view at Park Ave. Studios through Sunday, June 9, 2019. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-3PM, Friday-Saturday by appointment. For inquiries or to schedule an appointment please call (727) 656-4021 or (770) 596-5218.

If you're looking for something inspiring to listen to while in studio this summer, check out, The Messy Desk, a podcast which shares conversations between creatives; it debuts this Saturday, May 18, 2019. Host, William Leech, discusses everything from art making to the economics of beekeeping, from the pros and cons of therapy, to favorite flavors of vegan ice cream with creators from around the U.S.!

And did I mention that I will be featured in Episode 3??!!!?? So, if you'd like to hear more of my ramblings, please tune in via SoundCloud by clicking the link below. You may also follow The Messy Desk on Instagram @themessydeskpodcast Support opportunities will go live this summer via my website and social media platforms as an independent initiative to push my artistic practice forward. You may follow me on Instagram @brittanymwatkinsstudio or facebook.com/brittanymwatkinsstudio Thank you for continuing to support and follow my work. Have a great week!

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