[Art-instructors] A heads up from the folks in the basement of FAB

Carolyn Henne chenne at admin.fsu.edu
Mon Jan 28 19:23:35 EST 2019

Hi all,
You are receiving this email because you are either an art major or you teach for the department.

We have two issues to address

  1.  why propping the door from the hallway to the court yard is seriously dangerous and completely unneeded
  2.  where to do your spray painting

1st - DOOR PROPPING -The courtyard between Sculpture and Ceramics is a great place to work.  We want you to feel free to work there.
However, that courtyard is a popular place for Tallahassee’s vagrant population to hangout in at night.  So, if you prop the door, you are making it simple for anyone to enter the building.
You are endangering everyone in FAB.

There is NO reason to prop the door.  Your FSU Card is programmed to open that door.  Art majors and art teachers have access.  Please use it.
(if your card does not work, please go to the office to make sure you are on the access list.  If your name is on it, you just need to go get a new card - your card is faulty. If your name is not on the list for some reason, that can be added)

2nd - SPRAY PAINTING - If you want to spray paint, you have some options.

  *   NO - you cannot spray paint in the welding area - fumes are dangerous and they get sucked into the building
  *   NO - you cannot spray paint outside the welding area (sidewalk or grassy area) - fumes get sucked into the building
  *   YES - you can spray paint in the courtyard between Sculpture and Ceramics
     *   You must:
        *   put something under what you are spray painting - even if you are on the grass
        *   leave the object outside until the spray paint is fully dry - we do not want the fumes in the building
  *   YES - you can use the spray booth in ATL but only during public lab hours
     *   The lab hours are: Friday: 10-6, Saturday: 10-8, Sunday: 11-6
  *   YES - you can opt not to use spray paint - save the ozone

Thank you for your attentions to our concerns.  We want a vibrant working environment for all but we also want everyone to be safe.

Carolyn Henne
Sculpture Area Head
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