[Art-instructors] Drop/Add slips

James Patterson kpatterson2 at fsu.edu
Mon Jan 7 15:17:19 EST 2019

Good Afternoon Studio Art Faculty!

Attached you will find a copy of the drop/add slip for next week.   In an effort to take you guys out of the frenetic drop/add loop, students (non-majors or those who are asking you to go over cap) must bring to me a drop/add slip with your signature.  If getting your signature is tricky, I am happy to take your email but the student still needs to bring me the drop/add slip filled out.
BUT, I'd rather have your physical signature to avoid mistakes, confusion, mass hysteria, etc.

I want the responsibility to be on the student.  Not you.  :)

I will also put hard copy drop/add slips in your mailbox in case you are passing through here.

Be well, friends.

Off we go!

June Dollar
Academic Program Specialist, Advisor
Department of Art
Florida State University
223 Fine Arts Building

Adjunct Faculty
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
College of Education
Florida State University
jdollar at fsu.edu<mailto:jdollar at fsu.edu>
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